13 June 2011

Vaison-La-Romaine; Roman Ruins

Monday, June 13 - Rick's Walk

Roman ruin of Vilasse, taken through the surrounding iron bars.
The more modern country estate right next to it
From there, I could also see the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Nazareth, dating from the 11th century CE.  When I entered, it was lit by nothing but a few candles - *extremely* dark!  It gave a feeling of what church was like for medieval parishioners.  Then, suddenly - Boom! they turned on the lights, and I could see everything much better.  The sanctuary contained the coffin of the patron saint, St. Quenin, the local Bishop in about 500 CE (who, by the looks of it, was about three feet tall).
I saw another view of the medieval city just across the river
Right next to another ruin is the "Art Farm" (Ferme des Arts), which included this more modern sculpture, dedicated to the progress of technology (those "plates" are real PC boards...)

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