03 June 2011

Toulouse - Wilson Place, Victor Hugo

Our first full day in Toulouse, we were pretty tired, but decided to beat jet lag by getting some exercise in natural light (I won't say "sun" because it was *not* sunny, and was in fact raining).  We piled on our clothes, grabbed the banged-up umbrella, and headed out to Wilson Place (named for "President Thomas Wilson").  It is an oval park, surrounding this fountain,
and has a fun carousel
From there, we walked through the Halles Victor Hugo, a covered market full of fresh seafood, meats, cheeses, produce, and beer, wine, and coffee bars - there are restaurants upstairs, but they looked closed (I'd guess we're a little reluctant to pull on closed doors when we're as tired as we were, but we'll go back).

On the way back to our hotel, we saw the park and statue of Jeanne d'Arc
And, finally, back to the hotel for a rest :-)

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