06 June 2011

Toulouse - Musee des Augustins

Sunday, June 5 ~~ Partial Sun, pleasant. 

Today, I was simply tired!  Yesterday's TREK got to me, so we mostly relaxed.  However, we did make it out to the Sunday morning market, where I saw my "pear guy" again - we kidded about the last time** then we got *more* super-juicy pears and told him that this was our last day in Toulouse :-(.  We finished our shopping, had lunch upstairs at the Victor Hugo market again (but different restaurant this time), and then walked to Wilson Place.

That was about all I could do!  So, with my bag full of groceries, I walked back to the hotel for a rest.  Rick took advantage of the first-Sunday-is-free at the museums, and walked to Musee des Augustins.  On his way, he found the Monument aux Morts and the Halle Aux Grains.

Rick had wonderful reports of the exhibits - the only thing that saved me from fatal jealousy was the fact that *the* statue I wanted to see, the virgin of Toulouse, was gone - on her own travels around various museums of the world.

** our first day in Toulouse, we found the street market and my pear guy.  He had some regular-looking pineapples, and also some that were much darker - his sign on those was difficult to read, and my best guess was pineapples "fumé" - so, trying out my French (!!!), I asked if they were really smoked pineapples?  How bizarre!  Well, no, they were "sucre," or "sweet" (don't even ask me how those words looked alike, but they did!).  We had quite a laugh then, mimicking smoking a pineapple...
Oh yes, I also had fun ordering 2 pears - I used the USA fingers first (index and middle), then switched to the French fingers (thumb and index).  Then I just *had* to explain the Costa Rican "2" fingers (the ring and pinky fingers).  Then *he* told me the word for "two" in arabic.  I'm darned if I can remember it tho...

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