08 June 2011

Montpellier - Monuments!

Tuesday, June 7 ~~ Nice weather :-)

Today turned out to be a day full of monuments!  Centre-ville is full of narrow streets and tall stone buildings, perfect for walking (and motorcycles).
This church was chock full of gold (pardon the blur)
The prefecture (mayor/police office) was right on the Place des Martyrs de la Resistance, where we rested a moment
 Beautiful buildings were everywhere
 Near the end of the boulevard was the courthouse
and the Arc de Triomphe
 It ended at the Porte du Peyrou

The Place gave an amazing 360 degree view of the surrounding city
We turned back, walking the side roads, passing several more churches and small plazas
Eglise Ste Anne
an unusually colorful bistro
a belle maison
Cathedral St. Roch

Facing the Cathedral was a very interesting mural - it covers nearly the entire building
Another interesting building on a plaza

Time for LUNCH!

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