04 June 2011

Toulouse - Basilica St. Sernin and Taur

June 4 ~~ Overcast, partial sun, a little rain late afternoon

Today, we made it to the second floor of the Victor Hugo market for lunch!  We had to do a little bit of shopping first, of course :-).   The market closes at 1pm, and we rolled in a bit before then and got some fruit and *cheese!*  After lunch, we went on the Basilica St. Sernin, which wasn't open in the afternoon until 2. 
On our way back, we ran across another church, L'Eglise Notre Dame du Taur (Our Lady of the Bull).  You can see the Bull on the lower left in the wall painting.

From there, we walked to the Place du Capitole - there was a wedding party there, so we didn't go inside any of the buildings.  But!  I *did* see the door to the Alliance Française!  Unfortunately, it was closed :-(.

We went back to the hotel via Wilson Place, and relaxed inside through all the rain :-)

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