13 October 2019

A Week of English!

Last week was *full* of English, here in France!

  • Sunday, I spent the day with an American/Brit couple, showing off Sète
  • Monday, we had our weekly English conversation workshop
  • Wednesday was our monthly English-French potluck lunch
  • Thursday, I went on a photo-hike, and everyone there spoke English
  • Friday, we had a lovely lunch and afternoon with Irish friends

Thank goodness for Tuesday and Saturday! I'd be afraid of forgetting my French!

10 October 2019

Gruissan Hike

I went hiking with a new group, with a focus on photography - we met just outside of Gruissan, and walked about 6 kilometers, with lunch in the middle.
The old tower was a constant focus

Everyone parked at a roundpoint at D32 and D332

Our 2 choices - we did the Red Route

Information signs

Our lunch spot