18 November 2017

Trout and Coquille St. Jacques

Trout and Coquille St. Jacques

Heat butter in a pan, with chopped onion and chopped Clementine orange (including ~1/2 the peel, julienned).
When onion is soft and translucent, turn up heat, add 2 Coquille St Jacques. Cook ~2-3 minutes, deglaze with Grand Marinier, then remove everything to a plate and keep warm.
Add more butter, 2 pave de trout, and a green vegetable (eg, green beans or broccoli), add black pepper, cover and cook ~7-10 minutes till done. Remove to plates. Add cream to drippings, stir for sauce, and pour over fish and veggies.
Last night's dinner - delish!

15 November 2017

A Nice Day

Yesterday was a very nice day...

I woke up when I felt like it, and skipped my usual chores.

After a pleasant breakfast, we walked to our bank and finished setting up our proxies. We now can each do whatever we want to the other's account - feeling evil anyone?

We went into town, and ended up trying a new restaurant for lunch - pretty good lasagna (almost Florentine good), and at a good price (21€ for two, including wine and coffee). Then we arranged for a taxi at the tourist office for later (yep, 8 1/2 months, no car, first taxi). Got home, relaxed, then a quick dinner before heading back out for a concert.

I think the last time we had heard classical music live was in Albuquerque (over a year ago!). Now we enjoyed Hayden and Mozart, brought to us by a string quartet called Quatuor Debussy. Quite a lovely evening!

We found our taxi, and (taking the long way :-\ ), got home without too much of a chill.

Saved my bubbly for tonight's sunset, and it was yummy!

08 November 2017

DELF - The Results!

DELF - The Results! I PASSED!!!!

I passed, passed, passed! Breathing...

So, the DELF tests you on 4 elements: written comprehension, written production, oral comprehension, and oral production. Each is worth 25 points. You can't pass the test if you score less than 5 on any one of the four elements. Your total score has to be 50 or higher to pass. That sounds easy, right? But not so much once you know that French school children can and do come home with *negative* scores on their tests!

My scores? Totaled 74/100 - I'm very happy with them! My worst subject is oral comprehension, and I was essentially hoping to get at least 5 so it wouldn't automatically drop me to a fail - and one of the pieces was completely incomprehensible. The others are better than I'd expected - after all my rehashing, I counted quite a few minuses, and figured I hadn't caught them all...

You can read about my taking the DELF here.