18 January 2018


Here it is, past the middle of January - Everyone is talking about Spring! Just the other day, someone mentioned the almond blossoms...

Well, Dad always gets to see the almond trees blossoming in time for his birthday.

I can't believe I'm going to miss seeing him on his 90th birthday! Skype will have to do for several more months :-\

15 January 2018

Gigean Hike

This afternoon, we went on a hike with a new group! These diverse randonneurs* live in Sète now, but come from Sweden, Denmark, Venezuela, and California (that's us). We spoke French, English, and Spanish, talked about Italian and Portuguese, and heard a few others :-).

Twelve of us met in Sète and carpooled to the Abbaye Saint-Félix-de-Montceau, an abbey from the 11th-13th centuries.

We hiked uphill from there, and looked back

You can just see the mussel beds in the Étang in the distance

We stopped for a snack

And ogled the views



And back again to the abbey

We stopped for hot drinks and king cake :-)

*Those who faire la randonnée, or day-hike

05 January 2018

The Day the Fog Split

We had an interesting phenomenon this afternoon! As we looked out over the étang, we saw a fog bank rolling in. Then, just before it hit the shore, it split! Some rolled South, most rolled North, and we were left with our lovely sunshine!

We joked about having a wind-god on our roof, blowing a divot for us :-)