27 November 2022

Montpellier Light Show

Last night we went to Montpellier for the light show! This is something like a parade, but reversed - the crowd moves past the displays instead of the floats moving past the spectators 🙂

Here is the "cat show" from the préfecture 


Montpellier isn't the only French city that has this - Lyon's is very well known.

We took the train from Sète just for the evening.

The various shows lasted less than 10 minutes each, and started at 6:30. There were 10 locations scattered around the city center.

You can see videos from previous years here:



25 November 2022

13 November 2022

Tonight's Sunset

We had a good one this evening!

From the kitchen balcony 
A bit earlier...

From the living room window