21 January 2020

Cold Season

Yep, it's officially cold season, and I have one 😒
Plus, it's looking like our weather is going to be a little unpleasant.

This is either bad or good:
Bad if I have to go out in it.
Good as another excuse to stay inside!

16 January 2020

Sign Sense?

There is an intersection in Sète that has a sign that makes no sense to me - here it is, circled in blue...

Notice that every street is one-way (marked in red). So, what driver is going to see the "do not enter" sign? 
I have to assume it's left over from a time when one of these roads contained a different direction...

09 January 2020

Loupian Hike

We went back to Loupian for today's hike - our route was a bit shorter than last time (see it here), but it was still very pleasant! We had a nice sunny day, with very little wind - not warm enough to tempt shorts though...

We parked at the church, and headed out of town

Saw some interesting plants

And vineyards

Had another look at the old mine

Last Summer, there was a fire here - we saw a lot of blackened trees and shrubs

We stopped for an early lunch, and enjoyed the view

The arugula is in fine form

As are the vines

I liked the way this plant looked, growing out of a stone wall

More arugula and vines

Back to the church

Then on to drinks, sitting in the sun in Mèze.