08 June 2011

Montpellier - more Monuments!

Tuesday, June 7

It was such a nice day, we decided to go out again, this time North of the boulevard.  We walked light, with no camera - a shame for this post, but we certainly absorbed a lot!  The highlight was when we looked up and recognized the crenelations that we had seen from the giant park earlier - we turned a corner, and boom! there it was!  We found out it was the Cathedral of St. Pierre - we walked through it, and goggled at the altar - it looked like hammered gold.  This church was first built in the 1200's, then added to in the 1500's and then the 1800's - not the kind of history we're used to...

After the church, we checked on the local hostel, thinking we might extend our Montpellier stay, but they were closed for the next few hours.  Since all the other hotels we had checked with were full, our future was decided - we were going to move on! 

Nimes was on our list as a day-trip, so we said "why not just stay there?"

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