11 June 2011

Nîmes Centre-ville

Friday, June 10 ~~ Sunny!

Today, the Féria was in full swing - crowds of people everywhere we walked.  We went to several monuments and parks, found the covered markets, and discovered that Mall food in France is significantly *different* (*better* that is) than Mall food in either the USA or Costa Rica!  This mall was connected to the market, so it is possible that that had some influence, but we had a Plat du Jour of curried fish (and wine, of course). Almost everywhere, the condiments are packaged like this, water comes in a re-used bottle, and you can get house wine by the glass, quarter bottle, or more:
We returned later for crêpes and coffee - deelish!

We made it back to the hostel in plenty of time to order our Paella for dinner, and enjoy some wine with our new room-mates, Nick and Julia (what a coincidence that was!)

We noticed that two items were on nearly every menu at the Féria:  Paella, and Gardianne de Taureau, so we naturally had to make both of these dishes part of our trip :-).

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