09 June 2011


Wednesday, June 8

One of our days full of "comedy."  When we booked our room at the youth hostel, we saw two different places - one on the outskirts of town, and one right in the center.  Naturally, we chose the one in the center of town, and thought "how lucky we are! They have room!"

When we got to Nimes, we walked the few blocks to where the hostel was *supposed* to be... (you see where this is going).  So, there is really only one hostel, and yes, it's the one outside of town.

We lugged our suitcases into town, wandered around looking for our hostel, and finally ask for help from a very nice woman working in a hotel (which should have been our hostel...).  She gave us a map of the town, called our hostel to confirm that it was the one, and pointed us in the direction of the bus stop.  We dragged our baggage back the way we had come, and waited for our bus.  About ten minutes later, a gentleman came by and told us that because of the Feria, that bus stop was bypassed - and he told us where to go instead.  As it happened, it was *right* across the street from the train station!  We found our spot, and finally got on the bus.  We were right behind two others who were also headed to the youth hostel, so we all stuck together :-).  The bus dropped us off 1/2 a kilometer (all uphill) from the hostel - we finally arrived, and were promptly given a large glass of water :-).

And that was that for the day!

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