09 September 2016


We spent the morning and early afternoon at the Uffizi museum* - I added an awful lot of photos to the Italy album, so go there to see them all!

What everyone associates with the Uffizi:
The Birth of Venus

The Annunciation

Here's a smattering of others:

This is a detail of a prophet - notice how he is a bit transparent...

I think that Maggie Smith must have modelled her "look" after this:

Now we're doing this:

We reserved our tickets a few months ago, so got right in at 9:00. Without reservations, there was already a line of 1 to 1 1/2 hours, so yay us! We also got an audio guide, but that was (as usual) a waste for us.
We pooped out by 11:00, so went to the cafeteria for refreshments and rest, then went directly to the Birth of Venus to continue our tour.

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