19 September 2016


We're in Sicily!
We're a little more relaxed now, enjoying a "riposo" (aka a siesta), but our first day in Noto was crazy!

On Thursday, we got to town a little after 1:00 pm, and our landlady showed us around our little apartment. We knew there was no connection in the apartment, but reviews had claimed there was access just a half block away. We spent the entire afternoon and the next morning looking for it!
Normally, this would just be a little discombobulating, but it became critical this time. We were meeting friends in town - they had a USA line with text and data capability, and we had an Italian phone that couldn't call numbers outside Europe. We also had a phone that could text and call USA numbers IF there was Wi-Fi.
We got texts from them (sometimes several hours late), indicating a higher and higher level of anxiety, and we had no way to respond. We each had partial addresses for the other; we each walked to the general area of the other - and missed. Well, eventually, we connected :-)

The Sicilians take their afternoon break seriously! We have a grocery store 5 minutes from our apartment. They are open 8-1, and 5-8pm. Between? Riposo!

Sunday: Tonight, we just beat the rain home. Tomorrow, we're planning a trip to the beach. We'll see...

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