10 September 2016

Lucca Day Trip

Thanks to friend Nancy L (She's a great gal), we decided to extend our Pisa trip to include Lucca!

We made a circle in Lucca:
Train station, through the pedestrian gate of the city wall, North to the Duomo, North again to the tower (stopping on the way for gelato!), and North again to the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro. Then West and South to the San Michele church, South to Piazza Napoleone, South and East back to the Duomo, then back to the train.


Quiet small square for cellists

Interesting streets

Tower (see the tree?)


Can't find a way to bring this home...

Reminded me of someone...

Chiesa (church)

Fun outside the church

(Life imitates art)

Piazza Napoleone

More Duomo (very interesting stonework!)

Left Pisa for Lucca: ~2:30, arrived ~3
Train =7€/2, NOT a zoo!
Caught the 5:31 train back to Firenze SMN, and landed ~7 pm (15€/2)
Walked back, home ~7:30 (just before sunset)
Our circle: Firenze/Florence South and West to Pisa (star), North and East to Lucca (gray dot), East and South back to Firenze

Our on-train entertainment:

As usual, see more pictures in my Italy album - from the blog site, look in the right-hand column for "photos"...

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