11 September 2016

David and Friends at the Accademia

Yes! This morning, we visited David and Friends at the Accademia!

This has some interesting information about the David statue:

The gallery has quite a few other pieces of art...

There is an entire room of plaster casts from cemeteries around Italy (I went crazy)

There was an exhibit of early musical instruments

And upstairs were early (late 1300s) religious paintings

And a tapestry

See the Italy album for more pictures, including some descriptions...
Our walk to the museum

We reserved our tickets several months ago, so we were inside well before 9:00.
We exchanged our reservation printout for tickets right across the street from the entrance (no line), then got in the reserved line. Less than 10 minutes later, we were inside.
Despite plenty of gawking, we were back outside by 10:30.
General bathrooms are only downstairs, and it looks like you can only access them before giving your ticket or after exiting. However, they are accessible before exiting, just quite a roundabout walk if needed midway through. Also however, there is a handicap bathroom near the elevator to the upstairs.
It's easy to miss the temporary exhibits (go right as you enter) and the upstairs exhibit. Watch for them!
We didn't bother with the audio guide. A map of the exhibits would have been nice; I didn't notice them anywhere. Scattered around the building are maps, but no exhibit information. We walked the length of the building several times backtracking for various rooms that weren't obvious.

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