25 September 2016

Syracuse Day Trip

Syracuse Day Trip*
(Sunday 9/25)

Earlier in the week, our friends had tried to go to Syracuse by train - it was TWO hours late, so they scratched that plan! Now they have a car, and we all piled in and drove :-)

Well, Syracuse is definitely shy - it was our first completely rainy day. With riposo closures  in mind, we drove through pouring rain and water-slewing lakes to get there well before 10:00. We parked just outside of Ortigia (the island part of the city), and walked around in an on-again-off-again drizzle.

We got a good look at the Temple of Apollo

And headed towards the Duomo. On the way, Artemis struck! I was apparently so entranced by this

that I didn't notice a dip in the curb until it precipitously met my face :-\
(I have quite a shiner, and I'm glad I have my extra pair of glasses...)

Well, after a nice icepack accompanied by a coffee and chocolate croissant (coronet here), we moved on to the Duomo. This is a church built around the bones of an older Temple of Athena (these are the huge, ragged-looking columns around the outside perimeter of the newer church arches).

Then back along the pier to the car.

We drove up to the archeological park, expecting to eat our lunch among the ruins. BUT! Because of the heavy rain, it was closed! We walked back a bit and tried the catacombs and museum - same thing, closed! We did manage a few photos.

As it was still raining, and looking to get worse, we just drove back home for a warm, dry afternoon inside.

* Since Artemis is Diana, I was tempted to call this Diana's Revenge ;-)

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