21 September 2016

Cave Grande and Noto Antica

Cave Grande and Noto Antica
(9/21 Wednesday)
Yesterday, our friend went to Catania and rented a car! So today, we tested the theory that 4 adults and 2 children could fit in a Fiat Panda ;-)
We did, and we cruised around the countryside.

Our first stop was in a small town, Canicatinni Bagni, where our friends looked for (and found!) someone they had lost contact with.

Next was Cave Grande, a deep canyon in the inland limestone mountains. We enjoyed the views and breeze while having our picnic lunch.

On our way back, we drove through Testa Dell'acqua, and pulled into Noto Antica - this is the original town of Noto that was destroyed in an earthquake in the late 1600s. When they rebuilt it, they relocated the town farther South and East.

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