10 September 2016

Pisa Day Trip

This morning, we set no alarm, had a leisurely breakfast, then walked to the train station for a train to Pisa - what a zoo!

Our walking route took us past the Duomo, and I had to take pictures (you know I'll get more another day):

Our train let us see a little bit of countryside

Then, Pisa!

This cracked me up - an entire sidewalk full of people trying to hold up The Leaning Tower of Pisa (unsuccessfully)...

Left our apartment 10:30, sloooowly walked past the Duomo
Walk: normally 20 minutes if you don't gawk (hah!), and don't get lost (hah!)
Train station: missed the 11:28 train while trying to navigate the station, caught the 11:53 train
- we (for some reason) expected a ticket counter, but there were only machines (and unofficial helpers that want a tip (best case) or are setting up for a pickpocket (worse case)). The first one we tried was only for fast trains; the second was for regional, but only took cards (unknown if it required chip-and-pin - we have chip-and-sign); finally, we found one that took cash, but it was stuck in never-never land. Well, we got our tickets (16.80€/2)! And caught a train!
--- Update: there is a counter! See this post ---
Pisa: ~1:10, arrived Pisa S. Rossore station (not centrale), followed the easy signs for "torre pendante" (5 min walk). No tickets left for Catedrale (free, but limited, and assigned times; unassigned time if you buy any other ticket).
Left for Lucca: ~2:30
Bathrooms: typically 1€
As usual, see more pictures in my Italy album - from the blog site, look in the right-hand column for "photos"...

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