07 September 2016

Stockholm Airport

Stockholm Airport (Arlanda) tips to remember:

  1. Wi-Fi is free and easy to access
  2. So far, everyone we've needed to talk to has spoken English (say "talk" for "thank you")
  3. You don't tip here, even for suitcases in a taxi
  4. Our flights used a jetway; unlike Frankfurt :-\ , we did not have to get on a bus to get to the plane! (We'll find out about Dusseldorf soon!)
  5. You only go to customs control if you have something to declare. Otherwise, you don't even fill out a form.
  6. A good first stop is the information counter. When leaving, we found that we had been dropped at the wrong terminal. To get to the right one, the info people pointed us to the Arlanda Express train. Then, even in the correct terminal, it wasn't immediately obvious where our ticketing window was - the information counter folks turned us around :-) before we had gone too far in the wrong direction.
  7. Some information counters use a ticket-machine line (get a ticket, go to the counter when your number shows).
  8. The Arlanda Express train is free for terminal transfers, and is fast. As with most trains, check the signs at the platform to catch the right direction. The platform is at level 0 (there is an elevator as well as escalator). The train also goes to the middle of Stockholm (not free)
  9. If you do not have a chip and pin card (ours is a chip and signature), you can't use the ticket booths for the train or bus. But you can buy these at the information counter! Multiple people and round trip tickets are discounted.
  10. There is a hotel right at the airport. We stayed at an "airport hotel" that was 6km (and ~$20 taxi fare) away. I'd say the cost was a wash. The positive for our hotel was that is was in a small town that provided us with a pleasant walk. The negative is that reception wasn't open all the time, and there was no restaurant (we had to wait for breakfast until we got to the airport).
Update: use this handy website to check flight status - http://www.swedavia.com/arlanda/flightinformation/departures/#gref
This is the website for the airport bus - http://www.flygbussarna.se/en
Read about our return - http://slowtravelin.blogspot.com/2016/09/stockholm-airport.html

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