10 June 2008

USA Road Trip 2008

Hmmm a road trip with my parents...

Well, why not? They had planned another of their round-the-states, visit-friends-and-family road trips, and had room for another. I hadn't seen those friends and family members for waaaay too many years. And this was an excellent opportunity to witness the experts first-hand. Since I am planning to do a similar trip solo (ish) next year, I'll get to work out at least some of the kinks beforehand.

So, after some hard thinking, and some agonizing over being separated from my husband for so long, we set the schedule. Then Dad set the weight limits... Dad is a former backpacker, so ounces count! A few days before take-off, I get an email asking for a total weight guestimate - included: me, suitcase, air mattress, bedding, medications, medical equipment, laptop, food box... After all, cars do have a limit on the amount of cargo they can carry, and it isn't just based on the space available. Well, three people in a Prius can pack a lot of stuff along - we just made our weight limit. *Then* we added gas.

Our schedule is based on visiting friends, family, and any sites-of-interest in between. We are looping from California through the Southwest to Tennessee. Then I will fly back to California. My aunt will fly in from Washington state and continue the trip with my parents to Boston, then along the North edge of the states back to Washington. My aunt will stop there, and my brother may fly in to join them for the drive South back to California. That's a *lot* of visiting!

Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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