12 June 2008

Through the Southwest - California

As we left California, I realized that we usually take pictures of new places, and hardly ever take pictures of the landscape around our home. So, I started snapping away. The foothills of Northern California are full of Oak groves and single Oaks in grassy meadows.

Nevada City (in California - no kidding) is a nice small town. Like many gathering places in small towns, the cafe where we stopped for breakfast has upcoming events posted in the window - concerts, fairs, comedy...

Nearing the peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, there are vista points with fabulous views!

Near Donner Pass, there is a memorial to the Donner party - 90 pioneers were trapped by 22 feet of snow in the mountains in October. By Spring, 42 had died. The foot of the statues of the monument shows the height of the snow that winter. Yikes!

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