12 June 2008

Through the Southwest - Arizona

Arizona - cliffs, petrified forest, painted desert, gems embedded in huge rocks.

Skyline in the Western end of Arizona

Lonesome rock.

Cross-sections of petrified wood - neither of these species exist today.

Petrified tree trunk, in the park off Hwy 40 - minerals infused and replaced the wood fibers

Bathtub *full* of gems - better than bubbles!

I have *got* to come back and spend time in the high country soon - horse-back riding, hiking...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that geode! By your itinerary you should be in Centerville. Please pass on a great big "Happy Father's Day" to dad for me. And "Hi" to everyone there.

Julie said...

Karen - You bet!
I'm not sure when I'll be able to post more - Internet connection is iffy right now, and most of my stuff is via pictures. I sure have some doozies of Santa Fe and Pecos Ruins...