14 June 2008

Through the Southwest - New Mexico's Pecos Ruins

The Pecos Ruins are about an hour outside of Santa Fe. "Pecos" is neither English nor Spanish - it is from a Native American word for "the place of water."

Pecos is a brilliant illustration of how New Mexico embraces and celebrates its heritage from Native American, Spanish, and Anglo roots. The Pueblos of Pecos were a powerful trading conglomeration - they traded with the plains Indians and those from further West. When the Spanish came, they traded as well. Then the Anglo pioneers traveled through Pecos on the way to Santa Fe.

The ruins at Pecos are part of a national park (www.wnpa.org) - the trail winds past the expanse of open field where trading took place, past the North and South pueblo ruins, and to the church ruins.

Adobe bricks were used in the construction

The church is near the South Pueblo.

Reconstructed kivas are along the trail - you can climb down the ladder and see what they are like.

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