16 June 2008

Natchez Trace

From Memphis, we turned South and East, heading for the Natchez Trace.
We drove through the upper part of Mississippi, and Alabama, then picked up the trace and took it back into Tennessee.

Crossing the Tennessee River...

I don't know that I've ever seen so many different colors of green all at once!

At Collinwood, we pulled off the trace to get a map and info, and met the *lovely* people of Wayne County, Tennessee. Maps, cookies, and a few local stories later, we get back on the Natchez Trace - happy people!

There was a small side road - one way, closed to RVs and trucks - that followed the old trace for about a mile.

We found an outlook, and pulled off the old trace for a look.

We crossed a stream...

At Duck River, we turned off and headed for Centerville to see more family :)

An interesting side note - we listened to an Alabama radio station for a while, and Rick Steves was interviewing Christopher Baker, who writes the Moon travel guide to Costa Rica - now *that* was strange!

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