20 June 2008

Tennessee - Family and Opryland

We finally got to Centerville, Tennessee, and saw my sister and her family - it has been *years* and her family has *grown!*

I had a real shock the first time I said this out loud: "my baby sister's granddaughter..." =:-O

Mom and Dad brought quilts that cousin Goldie had made - what a hit!

A few days later, Aunt Mabel flew in. She is taking my place in the Prius Express...
That's a little joke - we usually drive 62 mph in a 75 mph zone (when possible without getting run down).

Today we went to Opyrland in Nashville. It is a huge glass-enclosed garden/convention center/hotel...

Annie was very taken with "Ivy" diVine - a performance artist.

This little guy is hidden away...

Mom, Dad, and Mabel leave tomorrow morning for the rest of the tour. I get more visitin' time in Tennessee, and fly home later.

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