10 June 2008

Leaving the Nest?

Dad's here! I'm up and packed, so we load up some things destined for Yuba City, and pile on the suitcase and other travel junk. We say good-bye to Rick :( and hit the road. All in my first morning...

Twenty-five years ago, I left the nest for the first time. Now I will have 3 weeks of move-able nest! It's kinda strange traveling as an adult, with parents. Every once in a while, everyone reverts - you're the kid, and you're just along for the ride; no responsibilities. Then you suddenly realize - hey! I'm an adult now! Then the swing goes the other way - everyone adjusts - "do you need to stop? would you navigate? can you drive for a while? who wants to use the camera?" After a few days, it seems to be equalizing :D.

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