05 March 2017

Sunday Market

Sunday Market

Earlier this week, we got the scoop on markets in Sète from the tourist office. All markets in Sète are year-round, in the morning, usually closing by 1:00 or 1:30. Essentially the list is:
- Wednesday​ "big market" with food plus clothes and household goods near the Hotel de Ville (Mayor's office)
- Thursday Bio market in La Corniche (About 15 minutes walk)
- Friday food market at the gare (train station)
- Every single day of the week, Les Halles* (the covered market) is open. Sunday is the busiest day, and Monday is very small (since the fishermen don't go out)

Armed with that information, we decided that a Sunday outing to "Les Halles" was in order! So, today we caught the 10:25 bus** into centre-ville, and walked 2 blocks to the market. We strolled around, looking at the products and prices.

Once we had a good idea of what was where, it was still too early for our lunch, so we walked around town a bit

A display of goodies in l'Epi d'or bakery

A pun: Sète is pronounced the same as "sept," or 7.

We decided to buy a few items (bread, zucchini, pear), and try out an authentic "tielle" for lunch. Well, Sunday lunch at the market is quite a popular thing, so by the time we had a plan, the tables were full :-\. We found a bench and Rick staked it out while I got a tielle (octopus and tomato sauce pie) and water to share. Oh! I am sooo glad we didn't give up on this specialty of Sète! We had tried one from the grocery store, and it was just not very good; *this* was fantastic!

We dawdled a bit longer, then caught the bus home. Walking back from the bus stop, we passed a group of walkers :-)

* So, it turns out that Les Halles is not liaised; the H is aspirated, so the "s" is not pronounced - say it like "lay-all" instead of "laze-all" (all this time, I've been saying it wrong - it took a lucky encounter with a helpful tourist officer to correct that).

** Even though there is a note about buses not running on Sundays during Winter, we took the chance, and it worked! Some lines don't run on Sundays at all, and the others have fewer runs (our #7 doesn't run, and our #3 runs about an hour apart). But they do get you where you need to be!

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