22 March 2017

Keep Going?

Today, we walked to the post office to mail our taxes (to the USA - we don't do French taxes till later). The post office is near the beach, so we just kept walking. Then we said​, do we keep going? Maybe catch a bus back? You bet!

Here is a pretty good view of the Golfe du Lion, with Agde in the distance

A bit farther, we saw the memorial for the dead from the region in the Algerian war. Today was the anniversary of the end, and the monument was surrounded by flowers

Since we walked past the Théâtre de la Mer, we now know that we would have no problem walking back home after a concert (Summer festivities are coming up!)
We kept going, looking for the next bus stop, and came to the breakwater (le môle)

And inside it, a marina

As we had walked almost half way around the island, we caught the #5 bus over the mountain (no stops for us this time). I kept missing opportunities to photo flowers, but I got this one!

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