04 March 2017

Saturday Exploring

Saturday Exploring

We decided to go out for "at least a short walk" today (Do those sound like famous last words, or what?).

We are part way up the mountain (Mount Saint-Clair) that forms the island of Sète, and there are some interesting looking roads leading to view points. We headed out, thinking to head up one. Well, it turned out to be very steep and not paved... So, we stayed on the relatively flat (and definitely paved) road that curved around the South side of the island. Even though it was a cold and windy day, we kept getting seduced by what was "just around the corner" - we ended up walking for an hour and a quarter, and cover a quarter of the circumference of the island.
This is part of the pine forest near our apartment

These are the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea (I just love saying that!) just North of the Corniche

This mural reminded both of us of similar parks in Costa Rica

The sun did try to make amends later...

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