23 March 2017

Pastis Wars

Pastis Wars

I asked around on a few forums "what is your favorite pastis?" Well, my unscientific poll nearly sparked a war! *

The overwhelming response was:
** Ricard ** Is that because it is so great, or simply because of its history? (read more here)

Other favorites, in no particular order, were:

  • Henri Bardouin
  • Pastis 51
  • Pastis 45
  • Casanis
  • Fanny (yes, really!)
  • Eyguebelle
  • Pontarlier

Pastis that were noted, but not necessarily recommended:

  • Cornish Pastis (yes, a picture was included as proof that this really does exist)
  • Gin, gin, gin (mainly from pastis-haters LOL)
  • Pernod ("never" - apparently, it doesn't count as a pastis)

I also got quite a few suggestions about how to "use" it - straight, a bit of water, ice, whiskey, lemonade, tonic water, almond syrup, etc. I didn't take the "clean the loo" suggestion too seriously...

So, today, I had pastis on my shopping list - and what do you suppose was on sale??
I'm Ready!

* not really, but I couldn't resist the title...
Special thanks to La Vie en France - for both the suggestions and the "suggestive" answers...

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