14 March 2017

Sightseeing Mont Saint-Clair by Bus

Sightseeing Mont Saint-Clair by bus:
Étang de Thau, from Les Pierres Blanches

Sète centre-ville and canals
Yesterday was all about chores; today, we went sightseeing! I had noticed that a bus* passed over the top of the mountain that forms the island of Sète, and decided that an adventure was in order :-)
I sketched out a plan...
Pack daypack, water, and windbreakers; wear walking shoes; take bus pass, emergency info, ID, camera, money
Catch #3 (pink line) bus at 10:41 at Le Vignerai
Stop at Savonnerie
Walk to Épi d'Or
Buy baguette and sandwiches (and maybe macarons!)
We had about half an hour, so we walked up and around a park

Catch #5 (light blue line) bus there at 11:25
From the breakwater, the climb is steep!

Stop at La Croix Saint-Clair at 11:36
Walk to view points and monuments: Notre Dame de la Salette, Mt Saint-Clair;

we walked around looking for the forêt domaniale (public forest) des Pierres Blanches viewpoint, but couldn't find it.
I did see some interesting rock walls...

Catch #5 bus at La Croix Saint-Clair or La Pompe at 12:26
Stop at Les Pierres Blanches (oddly enough, signs indicated that this was the forêt domaniale)
Eat lunch, walk, enjoy the views

Catch #5 bus there at either 1:19 or 2:09
Stop at the next-next stop (Germaine et Attila) and walk home (the walk from the lunch stop is pretty steep)

1) the #5 bus does not run on Sundays. So... don't try this then ;-)
2) take plastic bags to hold the sandwiches; they leak!
3) mosquitos are definitely out in the forest
4) here are the routes:
5) you can see and download schedules here:
6) this is easy to do from the gare as well: take almost any bus (or walk) from the gare to l'Epi d'Or, follow the plan from there, then either take #5 back, or #3 from near the end of the #5 line

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