10 August 2017

Sète's Train Station

Sète has a nice little gare (train station) - it's on a main train line, so it it easy to get almost anywhere, but it is small enough that you won't get lost! And it's easy to find visitors :-)

Here's the front (turn left as you exit, then walk around the side to get to the bus stop)

Looking from inside the front door, through to the train tracks and platforms. Toilets are off the first platform (30 cents). One drawback: no elevator or ramp; you have to go down and up a flight of stairs to get to various platforms.

This is the small waiting area (free Wi-Fi!). The gare is currently exhibiting photos that were part of an earlier photography festival.

You can see the ticket windows on the other side. There are also machines. A small information office and snack market are inside, and a café is just outside.

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