17 August 2017

Sète Detours

There's a lot going on in Sète this week, and between the Fête de la Saint Louis (17-22) and La Vuelta (20th), roads and bus routes are closed right and left! But special routes have been added!

Here's an informative bulletin on a bus stop (not all stops had this extensive list; some just say "closed for the duration")

This map shows road closures in pink and yellow

At least the roads for La Vuelta (bike race) will only be closed a few hours (and we'll be home, watching it!!)


Ron Groves said...

Hey Julie, by the time you get this, you will be getting ready to see the race. Wish I was there. Get some pics. Can't wait.
Ron Groves and Suzanne Seidel.

Julie said...

Today St Louis, tomorrow the race! (and more St Louis!)
You can count on pictures :-)