10 August 2017

European Grand Tours

I had (of course!) heard about the Tour de France long before moving here, but just recently found out that it is one of three cycling races in Europe known as Grand Tours!

The first of the calendar year is in May, Italy's Giro d'Italia. Then comes the Tour de France in July. And! In August, Vuelta a España!

And guess what? Even though a country's name is in the title, these races often venture into neighboring countries... As it happens, La Vuelta will start in France this year, and come straight through Sète! Even better, it will pass *directly* under our balcony!!! Whew! Yes, I'm excited!
La Vuelta 2017 stage 2
August 20th, coming up fast! Gotta lay in supplies :-D

Update: roads will be closed, and bus lines modified, both for the race and the Fête de la Saint Louis

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