30 April 2017

Three Month Review

Three Month Review

Three months! This is as long as we could stay if all we had were tourist visas, so that all on its own is a weird feeling. I've been thinking about how to categorize each month here.

February was all about househunting, and therefore *FULL* of STRESS!! We were staying in a studio apartment in Palavas-les-flots, so we had wonderful walks along the beach. It was always cold enough to need a coat (liner in) with gloves and a scarf, although a few times I was warm enough at the end of the walk to carry everything :-) . We got sandblasted a few times - pretty fierce winds; we saw a few kite-surfers taking advantage of it, too. We had a car, so we found our way around to bigger stores in a neighboring town, and got reacquainted with driving.

In March, we had an apartment (signed the lease on the *last* day of February) in Sète. Every sunset was spectacular, and fully enjoyed by us looking West across the Étang (a large salt-water lake connected to the Mediterranean Sea). We were again without a car, so we spent a lot of time investigating the bus system and taking walks - both for fun and for profit :-) We got internet, a shopping caddy, and a bus pass; we veeeery sloooowly got through the basics of settling in. Spring arrived, and we had flowers and sunshine. Then rain. We tested out even longer walks; we went to a festival and planned a few more. I started leaving my gloves and scarf behind. I arranged for my immigration appointment, and Rick got his French passport - the roots are going in.

April couldn't make up its mind - I no sooner put my coat away, then it cooled off again! One day we worried about sunburn possibilities, and the next, I wished I had traded my windbreaker for my coat. *Everything* was in bloom! Our walks became perfumed sniff-fests (both in enjoyment and in allergic annoyance). Our sunsets calmed down and got later. We made it through a national holiday, went to a music festival, and took a trip into Montpellier to participate in the March for Science. I finalized my residency!!!! We survived our first French presidential election (part one), and are surviving the anxiety of waiting for round two!

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