22 April 2017

Montpellier March for Science

Today, we went into Montpellier and joined the March for Science (see the map here: https://www.marchforscience.com/satellite-marches/)
We gathered at the Promenade du Peyrou

We outlined "SCIENCE" on the ground for a 12:59:30pm satellite pick-up (I'm wondering where to find that photo - I've asked, so we'll see...), then most people had a picnic (we strolled along to a pizza place). At a bit after 2pm, speeches began, people started to gather, and quite a bit later, we ambled out into the city center - police stopped traffic for us all along the route, starting through the Arc de Triomphe (Montpellier, of course)

And ending at Place de la Comédie

We used this as an opportunity to refresh our memories re: riding the rails. Certainly, if you are used to how things work, you can get around very easily - it's the newbies (like us today) that wonder which train machine to use, worry about where to stamp the ticket, don't know about all the different types of trains (and that there are more runs than are obvious from searching online).


Paula Hunter said...

You were in my favorite part of Montpellier - and I understand your confusion over the metro system!

Julie said...

Six years ago, we were real train pros - we'll get there :-\
We looked for a lunch place that we liked way back when; of course, it had changed...