02 April 2017

Blame It On the Weather

After yesterday's so-so weather, this sky gave me some hope for today

But, no - we kept putting off going out, skipping concerts, markets, museums, and regatas, until we finally said "let's go!"

We forgot (again) about the different Sunday bus schedules, and must have just missed one. We waited a while to make sure he wasn't just late, then walked along to catch another line. On the way, it started raining! By the time we got to the stop, we had decided to throw in the towel - we blamed it on the weather, went home, and started a nice stew :-)

Of course, you can also blame these on the weather...

Update: I just saw that it is *snowing* in Albuquerque! Do I feel bad? Heh.


Paula Hunter said...

I saw your comment on "Letsliveinfrance.com" and responded to it - Bob and Bill were kind enough to send me your blab address and I've been enjoying reading through your moving experiences. I am planning to move to France when my home sells (soon I hope)
and I was wondering why you chose Sete. I'm considering Uzes and Carcassone as well as Sete. My plan now is to go over (from Virginia) in June for a month to find a place to live to satisfy visa requirements, and then move in September.
I've been reading about the difficulties of opening a bank account - were some of the administrative things easier because your husband is French?
I'm looking forward to reading more.

Julie said...

Hi Paula! I'm glad you commented this; it got me to write this post: http://slowtravelin.blogspot.fr/2017/04/why-sete.html
I think the most important thing is to get to know yourself, then you know what kind of place suits you best - but that can take a looong time!
I will indeed write about the banking - you'll want to start that ASAP! Because my husband is also a USA citizen (USA IRS rules add a big burden to the banks that have USA citizens as account holders), it was no easier for us.
Keep in touch; I'll try to answer anything I can.