01 April 2017



Tango, Tango, Russians, Movies - sounds like a game, right? But no! It was a weekend of fantastic music!

Thursday evening, we took the bus into centre-ville, to the Eglise de St Pierre. We listened to almost an hour and a half of lovely tango and tango-style music, played on a violin and a guitar - the playing and the acoustics were phenomenal!

Friday, we went to more tango! This time, we had tickets, and it was in the Théâtre Molière - the second half was one piece, with over 150 performers, including a chorus and dancers!

Saturday evening belongs to the Russians, and Sunday afternoon is for movie scores - we decided to skip these, as tempting as they are. This was our Saturday afternoon Étang view...

MusicaSète is in its 8th year - it is held every Spring. This time, all the concerts at the Eglise de St Pierre were free, and the tickets for the big concert at Théâtre Molière were 16€. The evening concerts started at 8:30, and the bus stops running by 9 p.m., so we could take it in to town, but not home.

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