06 April 2017

Moules Roquefort

So, YES! I finally cooked mussels! We're living right next to shellfish central, and I've been looking for a recipe to try.
Moules Roquefort, à table

As it turned out, the Étang is in the middle of an algal bloom, so the mussels I actually got are from Spain...

For two of us, I used this recipe for Mussels Roquefort, approximately halved. For my convenience, these are the ingredients:

3/4 kg of mussels (moules) - I tossed about a quarter of these because they were cracked :-(
I ended up with 2 dozen mussels, so still plenty for two.
1 1/2 shallots
1/2 cup (+) white wine
25 cl heavy cream (30% fat)
60 g Roquefort cheese (yes, *real* roquefort, 'cause we can get it here easily!, about half a "usual" package)
Salted butter
Parsley (not my favorite herb, so I only have some dried)
Salt, pepper

Since this was my first time, I was a bit nervous about just how to clean the things - this website gave some clear instructions.

We had the moules and sauce separate (I just couldn't see wasting any sauce on the shells, and it just seemed too messy!), and had brown rice and green beans as sides. The leftover wine went on the table :-)

It was great! But what would I do different next time? Although it tasted good, the sauce was pretty thin - I didn't add the cooking wine (I used the Sauvignon), and so I would keep that out again; I would use less cream, too. I might try some fresh parsley, but not too much. I am probably going to use the leftover sauce on some fish tomorrow :-)

I liked the muscat sec; I'll have to look for that one again...


Dennelle Taylor Nizoux said...

So how did you eat them with the sauce? remove all the shells and pour the sauce over the 'meat?' I agree, it's always seemed like a messy dish.

Julie said...

Exactly right! (and it was great!)