18 September 2015

The Chocolate Éclair

Ahhh, the hunt for THE chocolate éclair...

 Yesterday, we looked around the center of Montpellier - no luck. We eventually remembered the name of the chain that always came through for us - La Mie (that is, the center of the bread; one might say, the heart of bread) - but none seem to be in Montpellier. Nor in Palavas.

HOWEVER! Today, we walked downtown - our excuse was to mail some postcards. We walked along the beach boulevard, then the quai, across the canal, and on to the post office. Business done, we wandered the pedestrian section of town, eyeing the goods :-) On the way out of town, we spied a patisserie - éclairs, but not chocolate :-(. Wait! There's another! With chocolate! And café! We load up (of course).

And now we sit, wine in hand, resisting (for the moment) the siren call... of... the Éclair!

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