23 September 2015

Pont du Gard!

The Pont du Gard - it's the bridge across the Gardon (Gard) river for the Roman aquaduct that supplied water to Nîmes from the first to the 6th century.

This was on our must-visit list for last time, and we finally made it! I'm so glad we did - the engineering is amazing, and the views are spectacular!

We went to the museum first, then walked to the rive gauche (left bank) panorama,

then across the bridge (on the pitot* road) to the rive droite (right bank), up to *that* panorama,

(Where we saw a tunnel** carved in 1865),

and back!

After our "stroll," we rested our tootsies while we saw the 15 minute movie, then walked through the art exhibit (Josep Koudelka - amazing black-and-white photography), and headed home :-)

Read more here:

Details: we drove from Palavas-le-Flots for just over an hour - we took A9, then simply followed the signs for Pont du Gard (Rive Gauche) - the return was just as simple!

Cost: 18€ parking and entrance (for up to 5 people) to the museum, movie, and temporary exhibit; 5.10€ tolls each way, minimal gas.

* I will admit to a certain piqued (and confused) interest in this term when I heard it in the movie about the history of the Pont. I had only ever heard of the "pitot" as an airspeed sensor for aircraft: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitot_tube. I'm not sure how it relates (if at all) to a bridge added to an existing structure)

** we heard a guide telling her group that the original aquaduct curved around the limetone outcropping, but the tunnel (that went in a straight line from the bridge) was dug later. I don't know why, as the aquaduct was not being used that late.

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