17 September 2015


We went into Montpellier for the afternoon :-)  It was a day of memories - and chasing memories.

We drove to the tramline terminus near us (Tram 3, at Etang de l'Or - that's Pond of the Gold; interesting that it's not Etang Doré, or Golden Pond) - luckily, we're getting the hang of things, and found the parking lot right away, and with only a little anxiety! We looked for a round-trip ticket, but that option was not apparent to us, so - one way (1.50€ each). We had such a relaxing ride into the center of town - this is definitely the way to visit a large city!

We walked to the Place de la Comédie, and I finally got a picture of the 3 Graces

We walked on to the Esplanade, ducked into the tourism office for a map, and meandered the streets. Our hidden agenda was to find La Mie and get a chocolate éclair (no luck); we finally did get lunch - quiche, salad, and ice cream (a balanced meal is so important!)

 Along the back ways, we stopped in at Ste Anne's, a deconsecrated church, now used for art exhibitions. The current one was very Pollock-y. Aside from the hanging art, this caught my eye - the light coming through the stained glass windows bounced off the sides of the window arches...

More meandering, back to the benches on the esplanade, soaking up the blue skies, then back home (with a quick stop at the Carrefour for groceries).

Dinner: rabbit leg stew :-)

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