15 September 2015

Fast Passport!

Wow! Unbelievable! My passort just came, only one week (nearly to the hour!) after my appointment with the consul!

This was considerably more efficient and less stressful than getting our replacement Visa credit card.

- Fill out and print form, get photo and self-addressed postal envelope
- Get appointment via email (one business day after contacting the consulate)
- Get to the consulate (overnight trip), spend less than 15 minutes at the appointment
- Postman calls us a week later; he's 5 minutes away. Knocks on our door; I sign, and I have my passport!

- Spend 2 hours on the phone reporting the stolen card. Wrong card gets cancelled. They order a temporary card, to be delivered 3 days later.
- We wait all morning by the gate for UPS
- We call again; UPS gives us another timeframe
- We wait. We call. UPS says that Visa recalled the card, since it had been too long.
- We call Visa.
- We wait.
- We call UPS, and arrange to go *there* - outside Montpellier. Google maps say it's less than 1/2 hr drive. We give it longer.
- Over an hour of driving (traffic, wrong turns, then a very helpful pharmacist) we spend 5 minutes getting our package.
-The retun trip was easier, but we still were gone just over 2 hours. And we're both frazzled.

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