21 September 2014

Portsmouth, NH

We made it to Portsmouth, and the land of the sun!
It was probably just the way the day went across New England, but it felt very strange to this California girl.  I'm used to the beach having a marine layer, overcast, cool, almost-but-not-quite gloomy feel; at the same time, a short drive away, it's sunny and warm inland. BUT! This drive took us from cool, drizzly inland to sunny, warm coast! (Not to mention, the coast is East, not West!  I can't tell you how many times that tripped me up...)!

Well!  We decided to drive straight to downtown, and lunch at The Blue Mermaid. Here's what MY lunch started with :-)

Yep, I couldn't resist the Key Lime Pie Martini (Doug M is proud, I know). And yes, that is a mermaid reclining in my drink...

Our lunch was fantastic!  We were on the deck, surrounded by these colorful buildings - loved it!
Our resto was blue, and around us were maroon, pink, purple, green, yellow, white (with various-colors of shutters)... You name it, this town has it!

After lunch, we drove around (gawking like good tourists).  We're relaxing now - tomorrow we'll see more (and so will you)!

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