20 September 2014

Environs of Peterborough, NH

We left "Valhalla" (as friend Donna calls her home on Hough's Neck) yesterday, and spent the afternoon catching up with my Aunt Prilla and two of her three sons - we talked non-stop, and barely touched the surface of over 4 decades of family life (catching-up-wise).  We delivered Hugs from the West Coast to the East Coast, and have a delivery to make at our return :-)

We met friend August at the train station, and we all drove on to Peterborough, NH.  This morning, Nancy drove us around the area, and we poked in at a few small neighboring towns.

First stop, Hancock (yep, home of big-name-signer John Hancock)

We checked in at the farmer's market - there was (besides produce) a woman spinning yarn (no, not A yarn, ACTUAL yarn.  From wool.  From sheep.  She is the 7th generation of her family to raise sheep and produce textiles).  There was also a potter - *fantastic* stuff - thankfully, I couldn't justify taking any of it; I would have taken it all!

 Back on the road, we headed to Harrisville.  The drive was just beautiful!  It was full of forests, bright and dark...

And hidden doors to underground treasures...

Stone walls,

And ponds!

Harrisville itself had interesting sights:
The library ( ;-) )

A general store (since 1831) that had New Mexico green chiles!!!

And a mill

There was a textile center

*full* of yarn

And looms

And wool

And luscious scarves...

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