28 September 2014

Chinese Scholar's Garden, Staten Island

The highlight of our trip to the Snug Harbor park was the Chinese Scholar's Garden.  It was very beautiful, and extremely relaxing.

The framed views were exciting!

Architectural details were interesting

The floor patters were all different!

(This is the 2 cranes mural)

Of course, there were koi!

And more plants :-)

Landscape architect: Zou Gongwu

From the placard:
In 1998, skilled artisans from Suzhou, China, arrived at Snug Harbor to create the first Chinese Scholar's Garden in North America. Every floor tile, door hinge, and wooden beam was handcrafted by the Chinese artisans. The enclosed one-acre Garden is an exquisite example of the private classical gardens developed in the city of Suzhou during the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1644. As early as the Third Century BC, Chinese scholars would retreat to these gardens and seek refuge from their stressful and demanding jobs in government service. Even though Scholar's Gardens are designed to be harmonious and elegant, there are surprises hidden around every corner. Be sure to look through the moon gate and imagine distant vistas, or peer through floral windows to see varying perspectives of nature.

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