18 September 2014

GPS - the True Test

GPS - the widget that saves the world?  Or the evil gadget that destroys relationships?

Forget all those other tests - THIS is The True Relationship Test!  If you can travel together and NOT throw either the GPS or your partner out the window, you win!

We first experienced the dark side in Albuquerque -  "use the middle lane to turn...". Hah! Only the left lane was legal to use for turning - Oh, the honking! And the car-filled screams of WTH?!?  Well, we survived.

Day one in NY was great!  We figured, hey, NYC must give the GPS quite a workout - problem solved, right?  THEN!  Utica nearly fried the danged device!  We wanted to go 2 whole miles, and the only suggested routes put us on the throughway (toll and highway, even though we turned those options off), AND made it a half-hour trip.  Yeah, we said no...

So, we're in unknown territory, and we don't trust the nav device.  And it's still talking.  And talking.  We have a driver adjusting to traffic, and a navigator interpreting directions, and we're both second-guessing EVERYTHING.  Then, at the peak of our frustrations, we add in passengers.  Lovely passengers, who add nothing to our problems whatsoever - except awareness, and so, embarrassment :-(

At that point, we backed up, and said "we trust our relationship more than this sometime-POS device, right? Right!"  Ahhhh. Sanity reigns again.

For now :-)

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