27 November 2013

Grand Canyon Afternoon

It was late November when we headed back to Phoenix from Albuquerque.  The plan was to spend 3 days in Flagstaff, visiting the Grand Canyon and environs, then head south through Sedona to Phoenix.  Well, the forecast was for SNOW!  But I had never been to the Grand Canyon, and it had been a long time since Rick had been, so we decided to adjust our plans and hope for the best.  We stayed the night just a couple of hours drive east of Flagstaff, left early, and were able to check into our Flagstaff hotel early - we dumped our bags, called the park just to make sure all was ok storm-wise, then headed to the Canyon!
We had a fabulous afternoon riding the red line:

We closed out the day with dinner and a snowy drive back to our hotel.
The good news - we got to see a surprising amount of the Grand Canyon for just one afternoon.
The bad news - the snow storm had hit; as it made no sense to sit it out in a hotel room, we checked out early and headed straight to sunny Phoenix, skipping Sedona as well.
We'll have to come back for more!

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