17 November 2013

Gadgetry Kludged

I got a handy-dandy gadget for the road (yeah, that's the reason ;-) ) - a Nexus 7, and quickly found out that (1) it doesn't stay put in the car, especially when making a left turn and (2) there are NO gadget-holders for it!  So, taking another page from my father's book, I kludged :-)

Nexus 7 secured to car console
How does it stay there?  First, I added one of those sticky picture hangers to the back of the nexus - they're supposed to be easily removable (we'll see about that when my trip is done).

Picture hanger attached to back
Then I chained a bunch of rubber bands together (the kind that keeps asparagus together - although broccoli bands will do too).  I set the Nexus 7 in my car's center console (the cup holders, as it happens), and wrapped the rubber bands around and back to the picture hanger.  I used enough bands so that it is easy to put on, but not so much that it slops around.  I also made sure that the charger port is up (initially you might think of this as upside-down).
Secured by rubber band chain
Now I can have my GPS yelling at me without the Nexus flying across the car at every turn!

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