19 November 2013

Santa Fe Day Trip

We went to Santa Fe for a day trip out of Albuquerque - Rick had only driven past it before, and I fondly remembered my short visit 5 years ago.
We went to the State capitol building.  It is in the shape of the "sun" representation on the state flag

It also has quite a collection of art, inside

and out

Anyone can sit in the gallery and watch the legislation at work (of course, it has to be in session to do so)

We also visited the Basilica

Its Chapel of La Conquistadora contains the oldest Madonna in the United States.  It was brought to Santa Fe in 1625; the chapel was rebuilt in 1714.

The grounds contain a number of statues

(here's a close-up for my piglet-collecting sister)

Our stroll through the park was a little different in November than my last time in June!

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