24 November 2013

Sandia Tram*

Guess where we went!

Eh, no - not the balloon, the mountain behind it! The Cibola National Forest contains the Sandia Mountain, AND the Sandia Tram!  Which we RODE!  That is a significant accomplishment for someone who gets vertigo taking an elevator to the 60th floor (that would be me).

And this would be some unknown stranger, also apparently considering suffering (note the grip):

And another stranger, completely unaffected (note the grin):

This is the Kiwanis cabin (see it? right there at the peak?)
People actually lived there!  (That might actually be a lie.  I don't know. I didn't go that far.)

That's Albuquerque, about 5,000 ft below (People really do live there.  About half a million of 'em.)

We started out at towers one and two

Then moved on to the one-and-a-half-mile span of tram cable

Something to look forward to on the return:

Here's the other side of the mountain (yes, those are snowy peaks, not clouds)**

From the peak, you can see Mt. Taylor, Cabezon, Jemez Mountains, Ortiz Mountains, and Manzano Peak.  I don't think you can ski all the way there.  Although I understand that my uncle used to ski this slope in 1946-48, when my mother's family lived here.  That was pre-Tram...

Hiking trails run all along the top, although you can see that there is still plenty of "up" from this trail...

and LOTS of "down" :-)

It can get a little windy

and white

and pink

and orange

and blurry orange (so excuse me - no tripod, and from a moving tram)

and red

* blame Mom if there are too many pictures here - she specifically said "take lots of pictures!"  So I did.  And it was hard picking even these few from the slew of photos we took.

** did I tell you about the time I was driving to work in Iowa, looked up, and thought, "oh, what beautiful mountains!" and then realized there are no mountains in sight on the prairie - they were massed clouds on the horizon. :-(


Don said...

Some very nice shots! I went up this tram once and came down during a thunderstorm. We saw a lightning bolt hit and explode a transformer on the ground - spectacular and not a little bit scary since we were suspended from a steel cable at the time.

Julie said...

Yikes! Hate to say it, but I'm really glad I wasn't with you then! ;-)

Shabriya said...

hi Julie - Happy New Year, 2014! How are you? Hope you and Rick are enjoying your adventures! I was just thinking about you and thought I'd check out your blog. You are so very brave for taking that tram ride! Hope the new year brings you good health, happiness and more excellent adventures in travel!