15 May 2014

Albuquerque Home!

We have an apartment in Albuquerque!
We spent a couple of weeks here last fall, and decided to take a deeper look.  There is a lot about the area that resonates with us, and we expect we'll find even more.
Albuquerque (the metro area) has nearly 900 thousand inhabitants, and is the largest city in New Mexico - having discovered that we're city people, this is good news.  UNM is here, as is an Alliance française and a symphony.  Artists thrive here - we've seen a lot of murals and been through a few museums and galleries.  Santa Fe is less than an hour away. We've already seen (and can't wait to try) several different types of restaurants.  Just last night, we were treated to a beautiful sunset - the sun reflected off the Sandia mountains, showing off its watermelon-red cliffs.
We spent what seems like an enormous effort investigating various neighborhoods on-line.  By the time we got here, we had a good half-dozen on our list to check out.  The first few areas looked great if we wanted a house, but the apartments weren't very inspiring (some were simply depressing).  We loved the diversity of architecture, but particularly enjoyed the adobe and Pueblo Revival.  We finally agreed on the Downtown area, and ranked our apartment choices (Yay! They were the same!).  This morning, we rushed back to our top choice, and *snagged* it!  We can't move in for several weeks :-( , but we did *walk* to the library - and got cards :-)


Jen said...

Congratulations on putting down roots. New Mexico was an option for us once upon a time. Now I get to enjoy it virtually through you. :D

Julie said...

Thanks! I think of them as tendrils - not too deep. We're fairly cautious about attachments to places, but still make the most of the (possibly short) amount of time we spend in any one place. No more killing time for us!
I'm so glad to have your blog to keep me in touch w/ Costa Rica!